We provide easy-to-understand fire risk assessments for all types of premises.


Why Gemini Fire Electrical?

We can offer business owners, property managers, landlords, freeholders, estate agents, responsible persons and compliance managers a next day, competitively priced professional service

Our Fire Risk Assessment will provide you with a professional assurance approved report, identifying your fire safety compliance, servicing of equipment, training, access & escape routes, signage, DDA compliance, fire evacuation plans, locks, etc.......All our reports comply with the " Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005”.

Gemini Fire Electrical, risk assessors are affiliated to and members of Institute Occupational Safety & Health , Natinal Association of Healthcare Fire Officers and Institute of Fire Prevention Officers providing you and your insurers with professional Fire Risk Assessments for all types of Buildings, from homes of multiple occupancy (HMO) to shops, offices & factories.

Our Fire Risk Assessors are experienced professionals, regularly carrying out Fire Risk Assessments for businesses, apartment buildings, HMO's & Communal Areas required by Solicitors, Agents, Landlords & Responcible Persons.

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What happens when our fire risk assessor visits?

The Fire Risk Assessor will introduce himself and will ask to meet the responsible person for the premises. The responsible person should be familiar with the access, layout, and operation of the premises in normal day to day running. The Assessor will then talk through the relevant aspects of his visit and the available information sources open to the responsible person. These sources will include documentation, emergency procedures and safety records, along with insurance and special requirements for the safe running of the premises. In the absence of the responsible person a competent colleague may take the role.

The object of the assessment is to produce a consultative report which can be used going forward to assess Fire Risk and often a lot more, in a sensible format, meeting the regulatory requirements duties required by current building regulations health & safety and Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The report comprises of a document including all aspects of the assessment which include such items as Fire alarm, Emergency Lighting, Fire Extinguishers service records, signage, and escape routes. The fire risk assessment will also include photographs and regulatory requirements to support the findings. The assessment report will show its findings and assess the risks for each discipline in terms, such as trivial moderate tolerable and in some cases substantial or intolerable.

The assessor will conclude the visit with a discussion about non compliances or improvements that could be made, including answering any questions the responsible person may have about the visit.

A detailed insurance approved report comprising of all the assessor’s findings will be posted within a week of the site visit. The assessor will often contact the responsible person after the visit, to ensure the report is clearly understood. Please remember the report benefits all parties and is a legal document, showing compliance and due diligence.

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