We can train your Fire Marshals / Wardens and Staff and can assist to carry out fire drills.

Fire Safety Training

Gemini Fire & Electrical offer a variety of training courses at work including Fire Evacuation and Fire Warden/Marshal training. All courses can be tailor made to your specific company requirements

Training is designed for all members of staff. The aim of the course is to give staff a greater understanding of the fire risks in the workplace and be able to evacuate the premises effectively.

Participants will learn about the fire triangle, the way in which fire spreads and the best way to tackle a smal fire. An understanding of fire safety risks and how to prevent them. Candidates will learn which fire extinguishers tackle each type of fire, how to use fire extinguishers correctly during the training session using our portable training rig.
You should only attempt to tackle a fire if you are competant and confident our course will give you these attributes

Duration of the courses run from 2 hours and up to 3 hours and all participants on the courses will receive a Certificate of attendance. All courses are run by our highly experienced instructors.

The aim of our course is to ensure, that the delegates not only understand their role, but more importantly fully understand the potential dangers that exist from fire in the workplace.

The areas that will be covered in this course are:

The final part of the training will be the live fire demonstration with our fire training rig. The different types of extinguishers will be introduced. For this demonstration the trainer will need an open area of approxamately 3 car parking spaces.

How many Fire Wardens / Fire Marshals do I need?

The numbers of Fire Wardens / Fire Marshals within an organisation is based on geographical area, not on how many people are working there. For instance it should take a Fire Warden / Fire Marshal no longer than 1 minute from when the fire alarm activates to ensuring that their area of responsibility has been checked and cleared and they themselves are either on a protected staircase or outside a final Fire Exit.

Each area should have a Fire Warden / Fire Marshal and as many deputies to ensure there is always cover for holidays and sickness.

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order / The Soctland Fire Act requires that the responsible person appoints sufficient competent persons to assist with the provision of general fire precautions for the workplace and to ensure that they are and remain suitably trained.

When is Fire Training is necessary?

Training should be repeated as often as necessary and should take place during working hours. Whatever training you decide is necessary to support your fire safety strategy and emergency plan, it should be verifiable and supported by management. Enforcing authorities may want to examine records as evidence that adequate training has been given.

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